Ulun Danu Bedugul Tabanan Bali

Colection picture bali from I Putu Ardana Be on holiday and visiting tourist attractions Bali

beach ujung karangasem bali

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Om Suastiastu galungan dan kuningan Dumogi Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa asung kerta wara nugraha, mepaica rahajeng, tur labda karya ring Genah soang soang Om shanti shanti shanti Om

Besakih Temple

is the biggest Hindu Temple in Bali located in Karangasem regency

tourist attractions in Bali

beach ujung karangasem district bali, Be on holiday and visiting tourist attractions Bali

Saturday, January 26, 2013

sky bali

on Saturday, to be exact Tumpek Landep , we returned to the village to celebrate Tumpek Landep, from Denpasar towards the village telengan karangasem , finished praying, we went back to Denpasar, on the way passing Semarapura Klungkung regency in the afternoon. I am interested in the sky that looks right in front, I instantly took a camera with phone in pocket dress and sky photographing scenery, which attracts attention

The picture from putu ardana "tujenggot"

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