Saturday, February 16, 2013

scene beach in candidasa

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Dated 13 February 2013, I had visited the attraction bali east coast karangasem precisely candidasa.I took a picture with a camera phone candidasa landscape, cloudy skies, the eastern part of Bali tourism object development that goes something like: Tulamben, villas and beaches karangasem "kubu" ( name of the village ) with magnificent views of the mountains were clearly visible. a typical day, tourists visit not crowded, as in other districts, namely kuta, ubud, tabanan, hopefully in the years to come east bali "karangasem" can increase the attractiveness of foreign tourists come.

Most sources say a fishing village was founded on the site by the 12th century and before the modern name of Candi Dasa was adoped it was known as both Teluk Kehen ("Bay of Fire")[2] and Cilidasa. There is a temple near the lagoon, with a statue of the fertility goddess Hariti surrounded by a group of children, and cilidasa translates from Balinese as "ten children", so many Balinese who want to have children go on pilgrimage to this place.[3] The modern name is thought to be a corruption of this older name. The town began to catch on as a tourist destination in the 1970s, since there is good snorkelling and diving in the area and the town provides easy access to other destinations in eastern Bali.[4]

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

like bali trips and team

Siddhartha Dive Resort Spa Hotel,
today like bali trips and team super computer bali, thanks I prayed to God, today we do work computer setting at Siddhartha Dive Resort Spa Hotel, Karangasem

 This trip would take 3 hours from Denpasar towards karangasem, on the way to Siddhartha Dive Resort & Spa Hotel, we passed attractions located in Karangasem regency, such as: candi dasa, tirta Gangga, Tulamben, temple lempuyang, we start from denpasar at 9 am to get karangasem kubu bali at 12, we sat down in the lobby 15 minutes, we were surprised when the floor shook hard enough, there was an earthquake, we simultaneously came out looking for a safe, thank god the earthquake did not last long and we all survived .
finished work computer settings, team super computer bali, returned to Denpasar Bali, on the way we stopped at a tourist spot Tulamben karangasem (Paradise Tulamben)

sitting on the beach and watched the tourist diving Tulamben. natural beauty provide comfort eyes and hearts, so to be relaxing. Now we continue the journey toward attraction tirta Gangga karangasem.

tirta gangga

I'll see you again, super computer bali, nice job and holiday
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