Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goa Raja Temple at Besakih

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Goa raja tample at besakih amlapura bali indonesia

Based on written sources-Hindu religious literature and oral tradition that developed in the community. In ejection "Kusuma Dewa" disclosed the existence of Batara in Buwana Great ( cosmos ) ie Mahameru Mount ( Mount Agung ), the highest mountain in Bali summit into the sky, essentially penetrate the base of the seven layers of the earth ( Sapta Patala ) This place is the location of the meeting that the gods created the good ( ayu language of bali ) and bad ( "ala" language of bali ) to keep the island universe. Therefore, if either Pura Besakih, Bali will be safe, peaceful, peaceful and prosperous, "said Pande Made Mangku Martial Arts. Balinese ancestors in the past to understand the reality of the universe as a gift that must be grateful for giving kerahayuan, safety and welfare of mankind. Until now, the Balinese will not cease to realize a sense of devotion and gratitude presented to praise the Almighty God through religious ceremonies in both the Pura Besakih and in the stomach of Mount Agung, the island community expectations are always met safety and peace. Rsi Markandya in the year 111 Saka (189 AD) plant "Pancadhatu" in Besakih complex to date provide valuable lessons and is very important for local communities. "It is wrong to ignore the Pura Besakih, Pura Goa Raja, because that's where the center of Bali's safety and welfare of the universe, "said I Wayan Surpha, former Secretary General of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia ( PHDI ) center, the highest assembly Hindus. Improved total Goa Raja temple in 2002 or the third recovery follows the eruption of Mount Agung on 1917, which then erupted again in 1963.
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