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Bali budaya

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bali budaya cultural Village
Sumampan is a Pekraman Village (a village consists of several banjar), which is populated by about 600 families and consists of 3 banjar (communal association), namely Banjar Sumampan, Banjar Medahan, and Banjar Batusepih. In general, it is a traditional agricultural village. However, like the Balinese in general, the people in this village are also engaged in the arts, especially traditional carving. Even though it is not widely recognized by carving enthusiasts, Sumampan carving has a distinctive style, especially in terms of theme. The Sumampan style peaked in the 1960s and 1970s, with some distinguished carvers, such as:
Tulak (80) Jro Mangku Jedeng (85) Mudra (80) Jro Mangku Buja (60) Jro Mangku Sosial (60) Karja (deceased) They do not actively carve any longer, some due to old age, others due to religious responsibilities as pemangku (priests) at their respective temples. The whereabouts of most of their works are not known; only a few are now special collections at the Bali Budaya Show Room. Below are some Sumampan carvers who still actively produce their work: Lagu (60) Keliling (60) Lonod (55) De Widana (40) Yan Raka (35) De Kong (38) Wajib (55) There are indeed numerous productive carvers in Sumampan, but most of them work based on orders/ market demand, whereas true artists work according to their mood or feeling. Most of the themes of Sumampan style statues are taken from shadow plays and old lontar (old manuscripts written on Palmyra palm leaves) privately owned by the carvers.

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