Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tanah Lot bali

tanah lot bali indonesia
Tanah Lot Temple also includes a very interesting excursions, situated in the district tabanan, Tanah Lot, one of the most popular places of interest in Bali, situated on the coast of West Bali, at Beraban village in Tabanan. It is also called the Land of a lot which means land of ancient and also Land Lod, which means the land to the south. Pura Tanah Lot, is one of the major temples in the worship of the gods in Bali. Tanah Lot means "Land Amidst the sea" in Balinese. Tanah Lot said to be the work of Dang Hyang Nirartha 15th century.

tanah lot tabanan bali
Tanah Lot is a tourist spot famous for its natural scenery of Bali southern ocean with its waves and typical cliff. Attraction is famous for its natural scenery at sunset (sunset). Tanah Lot is the name of one of the temples that exist in kawasa this attraction, which is a dang heaven standing upright on a small island in the middle of the sea coast of southern Bali. As a tourist attraction, Tanah Lot has managed professionally equipped with parking facilities, public toilets, art shops, restaurants, hotels, open stage, tourist information centers, and fisilitas security and safety. By paying the entrance fee (entrance ticket) discover all visitors have accident insurance. Similarly, the parking service, each vehicle entering the area of ​​Tanah Lot, with parking directly pay the levy has been protected by insurance.

Attractions: Tanah Lot is a very busy tourist attraction visited by domestic and international tourists. With beautiful natural scenery and feel so powerful sacred, Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction a must to visit for tourists to Bali. Typical views of the southern ocean with waves that can be seen from the cliffs above the height of 15 meters is an extremely fascinating natural attractions and able to withstand the visitors to stay longer and have always wanted to come again witnessed the grace of natural and culture bali Indonesia..
Tanah Lot is very interesting to visit. In Tanah Lot we find the nature of Bali's famous in foreign countries when we want to see nature and culture converge..
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