Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kerta Gosa Bali

Kerta Gosa  Semarapura ( klungkung ) bali

Kerta Gosa is located precisely at the intersection of Klungkung, Kerta Gosa also includes one of the attractions in Bali, a glimpse of Kerta Gosa: according to history, Kerta Gosa was founded around the year 1686 in the days before the royal throne leader Klungkung is Ida I Dewa Agung Jambe . The district's official website Klungkung

Picture colection  like bali
Kerta Gosa Klungkung bali
- Monument Puputan Klungkung
- Pura Taman Sari
- Goa Japan
- Village Tihingan
- Village Tourism Kamasan
- Coast Kusamba
- Nusa Penida
- Suana
- Karang Bolong
- Lembongan & Stone mountain spur
- Coast Atuh
- Gulf Sebila & Labuan Ampuak
- Lila Arsana
- Museum Gunarsa
- Village Budaga


thanks you for visit like bali ,come to bali Be on holiday and visiting tourist attractions Bali

thanks brooo . salam kenal , bali tattoo nya

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